M.A.C Lipsticks I Like

Sorry, I haven't been able to come up with very creative titles lately. At least these are to the point!

The last M.AC. lip products I wrote about were the Lipgelee in Saphoric and Polished Up lipstick. I know San doesn't love M.A.C., but I'm quite partial to their lipsticks. There are a few other honorable mentions that I have been meaning to share. These are all lipsticks that I'm hoping to adorn my dresser in my non-existent Manhattan apartment where I will not be able to eat because I will have spent all my money on rent and makeup.

One lipstick that I used many years ago and eventually had to throw out was 3D. This shade is hardly ever mentioned as one of M.A.C.'s classics, but it is a wonderful rosy/pink with a very pretty sheen. I love this for day and even for night. It's a great base for almost any gloss but manages to hold its own as well. It is more pigmented than some of the other lipsticks below, but has just the right amount of color payoff.

Next up - Touch. I borrowed this from a friend once and immediately wished I had my own. It's another very nude, pink/brown that is definitely more suitable for the most natural look. It has a slightly balmy/glossy effect and is a bit refined looking without seeming done. 3D definitely has more color payoff than this. Touch is more like a nude balm that is probably also best for heavier eye makeup looks when you need to go easy on the lips. The gay sales guy at the M.A.C. counter told me it didn't look like I was wearing anything (in fact, he said the same for several shades - don't know if it was him or me!), and had urged me to settle on Polished Up, but I'm determined to go back at some point and get this.

Now, a series of special M.A.C. lipsticks - Viva Glam IV through VI. I know, I know - some must think these are so overrated, but I think they're perfect, why? Ta-da, because they are some awesomely fresh, more glam combination of the above two shades and all the rosy/mauvey pink/browns in the world that I can think of. They also definitely have some more shimmer/shine, and the packaging is different. If you want to spend money on a M.A.C. lipstick that also supports HIV/AIDS, these are good choices.

Lastly, the Sheer Plum. This color is the most similar to the Plum Sable from Maybelline that I've written about. A very light, natural plum shade that is "my lips but better." I could probably same the same for all of the above, actually. You just can't go wrong with any of them.

All of these are decently long-wearing. I reapply often anyway because it is fun and because who wants them shellacked into place? $14.00 @ M.A.C.


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