Why I've Never Liked Mascara

Maybelline Great Lash. Yes, this is really the reason why I've never liked mascara. Everyday on MUA, there are new glowing reviews on it and I cannot for the life of me understand why. I know I'm no makeup expert, and I haven't used this mascara in years, but puh-leez. I hated it when I did have it. I thought it was something I should have, and it was cheap, so I kept a tube but barely used it because I hated the results.

This always clumped and instead of separating the lashes, it made them stick together for that annoying 3 lash look. I never cared about brushes or formula or anything back then, but I do remember that compared to mascaras I've recently tried, there was absolutely nothing special about this one. I was always surprised to see it receive magazine awards.

After I chucked my last tube AGES ago (because I realized how little use I had for it and how not-into-mascara it had made me), I didn't even bother with mascara for a loong time. The next tube I had bought was the L'Oreal Voluminous and thought, wow, is that what mascara is supposed to do? Recent experiments with Fresh Supernova, Dior DiorShow, and L'Oreal Featherlash have led to the same conclusion - Great Lash must have really sucked.

I'm sure, like everything, this works for some and not others. But I'm not looking for any specific results - full, long, glossy, thick - don't care as long as the lashes just look better! This definitely didn't do that. I don't think I would ever bother using this again. Unless someone challenges me to give it a try and see how I feel about it now. Even if it is better than I remembered, I'm quite sure it won't beat any of the ones I mentioned trying above.


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