Taos Knockoff Alert!

I've hopelessly been trying to mimic the lovely NARS blush in Taos, although the process has made me explore and appreciate blushes much more than I ever have.

Today, I read a review on MUA for a blush that is supposed to be a good replacement for Taos - Black Radiance Sheer Blush in Spiced Ginger. I'm quite partial to the Black Radiance and Black Opal drugstore lines although I know that they are probably for skintones much darker than mine. Still, I find that their some of their shades and formulations still work for my skin more so than others. I have the Black Opal eyeliner in Blackened Jade and concealer in Honey.

I haven't actually tried Black Radiance but since Black Opal is pretty decent, I'm willing to give it a try.

I enjoyed the Milani in Sunset Beach like a good drink, and already have the CG Cheekers as a great safe bet. Onward ho. Will report on it soon.


Sania said...

There are no knockoffs for Taos. End of story.

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