Small Lips, Broad Nails, Aiming for Prettier Feet

The other day, myself and a friend were discussing how we both have small, if nicely-shaped, lips. Then my sis (she's been getting quite a few shout-outs the last couple of days because we just spent almost every waking moment together over the weekend) went and told me I was wrong. Now I'm not sure if I'll look like a prostitute, island native, or desi aunty with darker lipstick or not.

My other sis once told me my dark brownish lipgloss looked slutty and that I should take it off. Not that she is any authority on these matters (the girl can barely use moisturizer). In any case, I usually stick to pretty natural pinks/browns/plums anyway, so I guess it doesn't matter. Just funny how we see ourselves so differently from the way others see us...

The one thing me and the sis did agree on is how freakin' broad and large my nails are. My thumbnail is a nail artist's dream - I think I could probably have my name painted on it. When I had Alligator Purse applied the other day, the strong burnt orange color really emphasized just how wide they are. It's kind of cool, actually. Very prominent without being scary. I was kinda worried for the first time that I should stay away from color and stick to nudes so as not to emphasize them but I think that's just a little crazy and I'm thinking too much as usual. If I can take the color, might as well go for it.

I should take better care of them so they don't become another thing that age quickly without me realizing it. My idea of hand/nail care is using lotion like, maybe twice a week. So bad, I know, but I think anything else would be unnecessary and a waste of money, and I don't like greasy hands. This is why I've never understood why there are so many hand creams out there - what is the point?

My feet, on the other hand, get horrifically dry and cracked year-round. I usually use any old thick lotion that I have on hand (Pond's is good), but a hand-me-down cream that I received is particularly good - Epoch Sole Solution Foot Treatment (a Nu Skin product).

I've recently seen those new Vaseline cream formulas and I imagine they are somewhat like this excellent lotion that I've been using on my hands and feet. It's extremely thick but not very greasy - I actually kind of enjoy using it, which is rare for me and lotions/creams. It also doesn't leave your skin looking for shiny, but doesn't disappear and make you wonder if you put anything on in the first place, and doesn't rub off easily once massaged into the skin.

$21.85 @ Nu Skin Enterprises


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