NARS Single Eyeshadow - Lola Lola

I'm craving this eyeshadow. Literally craving. I know I'm a sucker for neutral shades that barely appear on my skin - just the way I like it, for now at least. Eye shadows I've been playing with of late are in the neutral highlighter category. I have small, close-set eyes so I'm a bit timid about trying real color.

I can now add this fabulous eyeshadow from NARS to my neutral collection, if only via my wild imagination. I put off purchasing this as an exercise in self-discipline, but I'm sure it would have been worth the price. Lola Lola is another light, shimmery brown that is similar to the Smashbox Eyeshadow in Cinnamon Toast that I've been using.

Cinnamon Toast is slightly lighter, though, and too much of it can have a somewhat silvery, frosty look. I use it to brighten my eyes a bit, but it definitely requires some eyeliner to finish.

Lola Lola created very natural, polished effect that didn't require any other eye makeup (although a light coat of mascara didn't hurt). It appears darker in the pan, but is actually a light, true brown shade with a touch of pearly shimmer - no hints of gray, blue, red, or other colors.

I don't know what Lola Lola did. It was my-lids-but-better. There was just enough shimmer to brighten the eye, and the color so perfectly matched my skin that there was no potential for frostiness. These colors can often look quite dull on me, but with this on, I actually looked a little fresher without appearing made-up - no powdery trace, just a transparent wash.

This would be a great base eyeshadow for people with similar skin tone. You could work virtually any shade/shadow type into this one. It might just be that this makes me feel like I've made an effort and am wearing something to look more polished, but that's enough for me most days.

I know I should experiment with more color - I'll work on this with more professional help at some far off point in the future. Or one day after work very soon since very little else interests me lately. $22.00 @ Beauty.com


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