Jet Set, Glow

One of my earliest beauty advisers (other than the mom) is K, my best friend from high school. She is nowhere near as crazy about makeup as I, but she finds great products that work for her and that she consistently uses. I usually try the products she suggests, and am happy to share one of her latest finds.

Last night, she introduced me to Paula Dorf Face Tint SPF 15 Tinted Moisturizer in Jet Set Glow. She was so excited about it that she actually squirted some of the muddy stuff into my palm and actually told me what to do. "Now rub it all over your hands and smooth over your face! Watch your shirt! Wash your hands afterwards!"

This all makes it sound like I was applying crazy clown makeup, but she was just watching out for my white shirt and warning me that some of the stuff might rub off on it later. This is why I love her.

Face Tint looks like a regular tinted moisturizer with a slight sheen to it. It's very lightweight when applied on the face, provides sheer coverage, and smooths/preps the skin for other makeup - basically a light foundation/moisturizer/SPF/primer in one. Plus, it gave an understated sheen or "glow" that would look great under other makeup. Jet Set Glow is the darkest shade available, but worked on both of our skin tones, which are very different. What more could a girl ask for? (Other than the perfect eyeliner!)

This product is on the expensive side, but K swears that the chic black tube lasts her forever and that she only buys it twice a year. A great investment if you need light coverage daily and like a moisturizer with SPF - which I do. $38.00 @ Beauty.com


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