I Trust Java, Just Not Myself - Milani Eyeshadow

It's official - I no longer trust me own eyes. After bringing home what seemed like a wonderfully subtle brown shimmer eyeshadow from Milani Cosmetics in Java Bean, I've decided that sometimes, I just have no idea what I'm doing.

I had read about this color on MUA and decided to give it a try since it looked so pretty on my hand (I have not yet learned that this is often unreliable). The quality of this formula is on par with my Smashbox eyeshadows and probably many other more expensive ones. I was very surprised and had to stop myself from buying more.

I wanted to use Java Bean in combination with my Smashbox shadows in Cinnamon Toast, and Shell, and possibly Ambient (I raved about them here). Since these are all neutral shades, I decided I need to create more depth with a dark shadow. MAC's Handwritten was one possibility, but that seemed too matte and one-dimensional.

Java Bean is definitely a versatile, neutral brown in a smooth, soft texture with minimal shimmer and a pearly finish. Definitely a major drugstore find that should be re-visited. Either the color just wasn't right for me or I wasn't applying it properly in my crease.

I'm a bit worried now that I've just been buying all the wrong shades for all the wrong purposes. Maybe Shell and Cinnamon Toast are too light? Maybe Ambient is too orange? Maybe I should use darker colors? I need to start hauling around a makeup artist to maneuver all of this. And get my eyes checked.

But I will probably not stop experimenting with Milani eyeshadows since they are soo inexpensive and easy to play with. $3.29 @ Drugstores


Unknown said...

Uhm... sportt, is that healthy...?
Hopefully my art will be of interest too.
Entirely uncommercial.
Ping Desktop / Laptop Wallpapers
- Peter Ingestad, Sweden

Truckspotter said...

Ah, I could name far unhealthier things :) Thanks for checking us out.

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