The Drugstore Queen Has Come Undone

This blog's resident Drugstore Queen is really going crazy. I was a full half an hour early to work today and instead of walking straight to the office, I took a detour to CVS and purchased some Black Radiance products (just to, you know, experiment, not keep...).

I picked up the Spiced Ginger blush I mentioned yesterday and it is most certainly no NARS Taos knockoff. Agreed, San, that there can be no such thing. How could I have been so naive. This was a pretty standard rosy color with great pigment for the price, but not really for me - just wasn't interesting/exciting enough. I'd be better of with the L'Oreal Subtle Sable if I'm going to go for a drugstore blush.

I don't know what has gotten into me. I don't know why I'm scared of a $25.00 commitment to Taos when I spend about the same on a number of drugstore products that I go and return anyway. Might as well make one truly great purchase and stick with it.

Also, scouting out products at drugstores is starting to tire me out. They don't all carry the same things and I miss Sephora. Returning is also becoming a pain. Oh, what a busy life I lead...


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