S'M.A.C. My Lips

Clearly, I research my makeup and facial products. It really is bit neurotic. Its not uncommon for me to try something at a makeup counter REPEATEDLY before finally deciding to buy it, although the circumstances under which I make the purchase are really no different from the first time I tested the product. Duh. After a lazy Sunday spent returning all previously reviewed eyeliners EXCEPT for the Make Up Forever Aqua liner, I decided to exchange the last 2 (M.A.C. eyeliners) for a couple of lip products instead, since they are my first love, and since I had been eyeing them for a while now. This lipstick and lip gloss go well together, but can also be worn separately for a very pretty, polished look that still has plenty of oomph to it.

The Lipstick in Polished Up is kind of a satin version of the Clinique Bare Brilliance in Chocolate Ice - but not really. It's actually a difficult color to describe - it belongs in the plum family of M.A.C. lip colors but is darker than the Sheer Plum and lighter than the heavier plum/wine/brick shades. I think it's probably the perfect subdued red/pink/brown for someone with my skin tone (olive...ish). The finish is a nice light, pearly lustre that again, is nice for day but even better for night with an extra coat or two and a layer of gloss.

The Lipgelee in Saphoric is incredible. By far my favorite tube gloss yet. It looks almost scary in the tube but goes on beautifully. It feels somewhat like a balm and is definitely less sticky than the famous Lip Glass (which I do not like because my hair would always get stuck in it). Saphoric again is a great warm red/bronze that is surprisingly sheer. It definitely does not make me look like a drag queen or a sub-continental auntie.

$14.00 each @ M.A.C


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