All that Shimmers

If it's possible, I may have actually found the perfect eye product. It's almost too good to be true. Really. I know this blog may argue otherwise, but I am not actually very enthusiastic about makeup. Its precisely because it frustrates me so much that I feel the need to talk about it. This might change though.

On an impulse, I picked up an eyeshadow from the new cK Calvin Klein makeup line at Sephora (ok, ok, I was also returning a few eyeliners and looking for a new one). At first I thought everything in it would be really expensive, but it was actually average-priced. The Tempting Glance eyeshadow in Copper Sun looked great on my hand so I decided to give it a try at home - I'm so glad I did. In addition to eyeliner, I've also been looking for the perfect eyeshadow. I had given up on it a while ago though, after another unsatisfactory experience with one from MAC (Hoodwinked - a shimmery gold). It had looked great in the store but when I tried to use it myself, the shimmery gold of course washed me out instead.

Copper Sun is a light, beige/gold/peachy shimmer than you can layer on for a more dramatic effect. It's not exactly a "pearl" or "shimmer" finish but a nice combination of both that works for both day and night. It looks great on me because it highlights without making me look like an Albino, but also blends in well with my skintone so that my lids have a nice, soft, golden/coppery finish. My problem with most neutral/gold eyeshadows has been that they either completely wash me out or make me look like a disco queen. They are never warm enough, or are too warm. They also usually leave something akin to glitter or finely-milled mineral particles on your skin and I hate this.

This CK one has solved all those problems. I truly, truly want to make out with it. I want to write to CK and thank them for making such a great product in such a great color for people with in-between skin color like me. I want to make sure it never gets discontinued. I want to buy an extra so if it ever does, I can send it in to 3-Custom Color Specialists and have one made just for me for more than 3x its price. Will truly use it forever. It's that good. $16.00 @ Sephora


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