I'm feeling the itch... the itch to make a drugstore run.

I can't say I do it as often as the other lovelies here, but sometimes a good drugstore binge can really hit the spot. Many a bad day at work has been soothed away with a nail polish, lipstick, or mascara.

My shopping list for the time being:

- St. Ives' Warming Scrub - discussed previously (here)

- Clean & Clear Soft Shower In-Shower Facial - another brand that I ditched a few years ago, but Kristen's great post on it (here) really makes me want to pick up a tube.

- OPI Mod Brights - 'That's Hot! Pink' and 'Brights Power' - I'm the nail polish girl in this group. The crazier the color, the better. I've already picked up the yellow ' The "It" Color' from this collection, but am looking forward to getting my hands on more of these. There's nothing like a bright color on your nails to pick up a dreary day. Read All Lacquered Up's review (here)

- Neutrogena Hand Cream, Norwegian Formula - This box catches my eye every time I'm in the moisturizer aisle. I might have to succumb to the pressure eventually. I wash my hands more times in a day than any one person should, so I love hand cream. Currently in love with The Body Shop's Hemp Hand Protector for the time being, but I'm always willing to stray... this better not be greasy!

- Yes to Carrots products - I see these in Walgreens all the time, I'm thinking about picking up a shampoo or face cream. Might have to do some more research first, though.


Kanan said...

OMG! Sania, you should definitely go for the Neutrogena Hand Cream - Norwegian Formula. It is awesome!!! I am in love with it. Been using it since last year and love it the way it feels and smells. :D

Btw, cool blog you gals have got here. Came here from Aspi's.

Kanan said...

I forgot to mention, the Norwegian formula for foot cream is also great! :D

hehe @ yellow nailcolors.

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