Mom, Dad, meet Duane Reade

Mom, dad, friends, and family - I'm in an unhealthy relationship with an entity known as Duane Reade (DR). DR is all over this friggin' place. I can't walk a block in the city without an encounter with DR. Its like running into that old high school friend you desperately tried to avoid, or an ex, or someone who's so good for you they're bad. Waiting for the train, needing a quiet place to use my cell without sirens blaring outside, a spot to dig into my bag and find something I couldn't locate on the corner with an umbrella in one hand and coffee in the other. DR is always there for me, is easy, quick, and always satisfying. So as a thank-you, I always ended up forking over some cash for a prize I don't need. Today, I had roughly 7 1/2 minutes before catching my train. I decided that even in this short amount of time, DR wouldn't fail me. And it didn't. I got an eye shadow base from Sally Hansen Organics. I don't know why I need one. I wear eye shadow maybe once a month. But it was like picking goodies for your own goody bag at a party. Except it cost me 8 bucks. And more, if you consider how often I encounter DR. Yesterday I met up with DR for a stroll through cheap eyeliners (yet again). One day I tried to find jojoba oil before hitting the office. Sometimes I cheat with Sephora, but that's such a serious commitment, and I feel safer with DR. I may need therapy for believing in retail therapy.

The worst part about DR is that it actually sucks. Majorly. As Sania and Trish so kindly pointed out, DR never has sales or deals and just won't give you a break. It is the most expensive relationship ever. I don't think its even heard of clearance sales, let alone BOGOF. CVS/Rite Aid are so much better, but they have some respect and don't throw themselves at your feet every block. This is disastrous. Must stop.


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