Things I've Read That I Like

Apologies to Mindy Kaling for stealing her line, albeit slightly modified.

I have upwards of 60 feeds in my Bloglines, and I log in daily to read my own personalized mix of news, gossip, food-blogging, and product reviews. I thought it would be fun to post a round-up of things from around the interweb that I’ve liked and/or found interesting.

Stuff Indian People Like - I love Aspi’s blog, and the ever-fabulous Mind Rush has posted a wonderfully funny take-off of Christian Lander’s blog Stuff White People Like. Except that it’s about our beloved brown brethren. Here’s looking forward to part 2!

Miracle Berry – The NYTimes reports about a ‘miracle berry’ that distorts the flavor receptors of your taste buds temporarily – sounds like a wild experience that I’d love to try!

Michael Jackson Bhangra! - A great set of performances from “Britain’s Got Talent”, with commentary from Sepia Mutiny. Admittedly, the second is significantly weaker than the first – but seriously, are they having fun or what?! Part 1 commentary here.


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