More Liner Woes

I know we are all sick of this topic but its just too damn juicy. I could go and on about eyeliner, and I will because I can. Since I haven't yet located my missing cosmetics bag, I've had to use some eyeliners that I was planning to return, including a MAC pencil in Cocoa. At first I didn't think it was that bad, but even WITH that mysterious Sally Hansen Organics Eye Base (a line which What Not To Wear's Carmindy helped create!), it smudged. Can you believe that? I'm quickly losing faith in MAC by the way. It is so popular for eyeliner, and yet I haven't had any real luck with them over the last few weeks. They all smudge too quickly, no matter what the formula, and the colors go on weird and then fade weird and overall I'm just not too happy with them. I miss my Almay in black/brown. Luckily, Sania and I ordered many unnecessary things on drugstore.com and I so I got 2 on sale for $3.90. All is not lost!

After work yesterday, I went to Sephora to test out some Clinique Quickliners in Black Brown, Violet, and Really Black, as well as a Bourjois Regard Effet Metallise in Noir Effet Miroir (a pretty "luminous coal"). Was not too happy with Clinique, and while the Bourjois was pretty, it just looked kinda grey and shiny on me. Back to the store today. I may have to give in and try the Laura Mercier Black Violet, which is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo unbelievably pretty, but may really make me look like a raccoon. Why is this so hard? :( I just want my eyes to look a little defined and purdy. I should just stick to lipstick.


Sania said...

Liquid. Trust me, I didn't buy into it either. But it's awesome. Trish has known better than us for a long time.

Truckspotter said...

I've used liquid before though. Blah. I'm giving up. How about just mascara and lipstick?

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