On Clean Skin

Despite my efforts to slow the aging process by using as little product as possible, clearly I'm intrigued by everything bottled, tubed, encased, and dispensable the way little kids are by fingerpaint and Crayola. Normally, this doesn't apply as much to skincare, since my own skin isn't great and I've been waiting to see a dermatologist to dump on the chemicals. For no reason whatsover, I decided cleansers were a safe enough product to explore. To make matters worse, my dermo just told me any cleanser I want is a-ok, and so begins the madness. I will of course be adding to the new collection I've established (sadly, it only has 2 products!), but for the time being, I'm liking my Burt's Bees Peach and Willowbark Deep Pore Scrub and Desert Essences Thoroughly Clean Face Wash with Organic Tea Tree Oil and Awapuhi.

The BB Scrub has worked for me when used in moderation (which is how I use scrubs - I find them too harsh for daily use). I bought it because I "needed" a scrub and because BB is supposed to be au naturel and I liked that willow bark supposedly has salicylic acid, which is supposed to be good for my skin "type" and everything it is "prone" to. I actually like the creamy texture (normally a no-no for oily skin?) that doesn't feel greasy. And yes, I like the scent and it feels all nice on my dirty little face at the end of the day (or after a few days of not-cleansing/scrubbing - happens more often that I like to admit).

There is definitely a slight "film" or "waxiness" left after rinsing but I think that's the natural effect of the natural ingredients used, and because of it, I don't have to follow-up with a moisturizer. I think most people are too used to that awful, chemical "squeaky clean" feeling which is just so unnatural - you're supposed to have some oil on your face! Afterwards, my skin always feels fresh and not too dry/tight. Normally, within a few minutes of washing off a scrub, I feel like I have to slather on some moisturizer. I also find it way better than St. Ives', which has way too many harsh granules and a much more chemical smell/feel. So far I've used it a couple of times a week and am satisfied - it actually made me want to try more BB products. Do I sound like a commercial or what?! Such a great blogger am I.

Tea tree oil and awapuhi - a naturalist's dream! I keep hearing about how awesome tea tree oil is supposed to be for zits/blemishes/scarring/all bad skin things, and have been trying to find the perfect product that has it. I haven't yet, but I do really like this organic cleanser. It has a very water consistency - good sign, not too many extra chemicals! It smells a bit acidic, but that's always okay, right? Afterwards, my face definitely looked cleaner and fresher, and there was absolutely nothing different-feeling on my face - not moisturized, not dry, not tight, not filmy, nada - just my skin. Felt good the next morning too.

I feel good not so much because my skin does actually look a bit better lately, but because I don't feel guilty about wasting money on products that were just not special enough. Patting myself on the back.


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