Black, blacker, blackest?

What is it with cosmetics companies and labeling their colors? A quick scan of the mascara aisle presents options in: Black, Rich Black, Very Black, Black-Black, Soft Black, Blackest Black, Carbon Black.

I mean - how different are 'black', 'very black', and 'carbon black' mascara really?

Weren't we all taught in grade-school science that black isn't a color anyway? It's the absence of color. Does that mean the blacker the mascara, the more nonexistent it is?


Truckspotter said...

We are so very much on the same wavelength lately. I was just thinking this yesterday because I got an Clinique Quickliner in "Really Black." There was also just "Black." And then Bourjois had "Luminous coal" in French. I don't get it. I don't even get Carbon Black. There's also the new "blackened" this, that. I think Trish might appreciate this distinctions though ;)

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