Ace of Base

Excuse the corny title - couldn't help it. I've mentioned the Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Fast Fix Eyeshadow Base before, but only recently formulated some opinion on it. I rarely use eyeshadow, let alone base underneath. When I need to, I dab some concealer or powder on my lids before applying the shadow, and that has always seemed to work fine. I picked this up on another impulse, and also because it just looked kind of cute and uncomplicated. It was also much less expensive than primers, bases, and other similar products at department stores or Sephora, so I decided to give it a try.

I was skeptical at first because it really did just look and feel like concealer. After using it a few times though, I decided that it's actually much better than that - it has a thinner consistency that you can layer on depending on need, and a great natural color that can look a bit pasty on application but quickly blends in. I must also say that I like the simple, no-nonsense packaging and ease of application - just a dab or two in the pot.

Most importantly, it has really helped to hold up my favorite new Calvin Klein eyeshadow throughout the day. I have very oily lids and makeup generally slides off my face because it doesn't like me or completely blends in, but this has worked so far. It also doesn't make me FEEL like I'm wearing all this extra nonsense. Very natural, very nice, and altogether, very repurchasable. Especially if you decide to use it as a concealer as well. $7.00 @ Drugstores


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