I have no interesting buys to share. Unfortunately, I don't have Suman and Sania's knack of discovering deals. I do, however, share their love affair with make-up.

Mind you, they send me tips and deals ALL the time...I have 100 emails in my inbox to prove it. But for some reason, I never actually buy anything. Actually, that's not true. I MAY buy something. Just later. When my cheeks are pale enough to need blush, or my neutral lipstick looks too bland against my tan skin-tone, I'll buy something. When the timing is better.

It's all about timing. There are days where you could wear all the right colors from all the right product-lines and look like crap, and then there are days where you could look completely awesome with only 99cent eye-liner. You need to be ready for it-- the look. You could win one of those Oprah makeovers where inevitably EVERYONE looks faboulous, and STILL not look fabolous, just because you aren't ready. You aren't ready to look at a different face in the mirror, or you aren't ready to have that person looking back at you feel something different inside. Don't worry, I don't presume make-up to have such a power over one's emotions, but you have to admit, it does change something. Regardless, you need to be ready for the look, and it needs to be ready for you, because no matter how much you put in an effort, it won't work without perfect timing.

The same goes with everything else in life-- work, friends, boys. Especially boys. You could be single for a year, and get introduced to a handsome successful dreamboat of a guy, and not look at him twice because you just aren't ready. Would you really be losing out? Is there really a punishment for not trying? What if you just aren't ready to look in the mirror and see that dreamboat next to you? People may think you are crazy, but I stand with the theory that regardless of all the deals that life hands us, we don't miss out because we didn't take it. The fact that we didn't take it contributes to 51% of why the timing of that deal actually sucked. The other 49% you ask? :P Well...maybe we ARE crazy.


Truckspotter said...

Insightful, indeed, but then again, you are Trish and I wouldn't expect anything less. You're right timing is everything, and so is mental state, due to which, I have lost most of my make-up.

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