On Eyeliner...And all that follows

Oh dear, I'm this close to seeing a therapist because I have been fixated on finding the perfect eyeliner for more than a few days now. I am returning several new MAC ones as well as Clinique/Sephora ones.

Btw, I know this picure is corny as hell (and I also don't have pretty green eyes with perfectly applied green eyeliner and shadowing/contouring/funny colored patches on my lid), but it makes this page look nicer. I may return to my L'Oreal Le Khol pencils but they are not smudge-proof enough. I've heard about this Metallic Bourjois one and the Aqua's from Make Up Forever. They are my next experiment. Sigh. Could i sound any more bored and neurotic???

I tried the Clinique Cream Shaper but its too soft and creamy and very difficult to sharpen, although the colors are gorgeous. My eye area is incredibly oily and I also tear a lot, which is why this is a problem. I know I should use a primer, but the extra step might really kill me. Really. I find it difficult to wash and brush my hair sometimes. I know - me, and a blog, about beauty and product of all things - go figure.

I should add that I was looking for metallics/cream formulas because I sort of like an inkier look, even for day, as long as the color isn't pitch-black and too smudgy. A great color is L'Oreal's Le Khol Black Sable. It's the perfect brown/black and I wish I could find a longer-lasting, inkier version of it. I need a long-lasting pencil for mainly my lower rim. But that's also the oiliest area, which is why I'm looking for something more smudge-proof.

On a whim I went to Duane Reade and got 3 eyeliners for a total of $11.00. I think the girl undercharged me - yay! I got the blackest brown I could find from Almay, the blackest Jade from Black Opal (which is such a random drugstore brand but I like some of their stuff), and a lovely copper cream crayon from Maybelline (very similar to that chubby pencil Sania bought a few weeks ago). So far, I really like this black/brown color from Almay. At work, layered on the Jade. Before I left, layered on the copper - I looked interesting by the time I left. Ugh. Only in my world could this be such an issue. The powder thing hasn't really been working for me. It works for evening make-up, but not day-long wear. Also, in my quest to age gracefully, I want to use as few products as possible. The other problem I'm finding with creamy/waterproof formulas is that they are very hard to sharpen. I cannot bother to sharpen something EVERY morning and clean my friggin' sharpener too.

Recently I also went to Sephora and got 1 Bourjois and 1 Make-up Forever pencil. Tested them briefly at home and they definitely have some staying power. The Bourjois one definitely has some nice inkiness as well. I didn't see a bronze cream crayon - phooey. Will have to look again, although I sort of like the Maybelline pencil, even though it goes on more orangey than bronze/brown.

Results of a drugstore impulse during lunch:
Black Opal in Metallic Bronze
Maybelline Line Stylist in Bronze Gleam
Maybelline Line Stylist in Black Sparkle (no sparkles, just has a slight inky sheen)
Maybelline Unstoppable in Espresso
HIP Shadow Stick in Majestic (guess what color - bronze)

So in case you can't tell, I'm on a quest to find a soft inky black and a softy dark brown, as well as a bronze one that I can smudge into the lash line/lid for a little bit of gleam. I opened the Line Stylist ones and although I do actually love the colors, they are extremely thin and the self-sharpening kind and you kind of can't even tell if you are drawing anything on. The Black Opal is of course, good. The espresso on my hand seems better than the Almay I got yesterday.

Latest - returning them all. And I mean ALL. The only ones I am keeping are the Black Opal Black Jade and the Almay Black Brown. Oh, and I may keep the Bourjois and Make Up Forever ones - I think I'm just too lazy to return those! :)


Kanan said...

haha that was funny. :D But I can relate to the frustration little bit. I actually can't stand the inky stuff. I want the soft ones that look more natural than like something's-been-applied-here kind.

In any case, not sure what part of the country you're in but the brand names tell me you're mostly in the US?

My suggestion is, if you haven't already checked out the Bare Escentuals stuff (which I highly doubt), please do so. I was introduced to it by my cousin and I've fallen in love with some of their things. Most of their make up comes in powder form but for the eyeliners you can add water or they have solutions to mix in with to make it liquid form (not sure whether it's water proof though). Here are their websites:



Eyes stuff

Well, you can get their products at so many places, but if you get a chance, I'd recommend you go to their own store in malls and have them demo some of the products on you. I know they're a bit on the expensive side so it makes sense to try out their things first before buying.

Good luck!

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