On Black Opal Metallic Precision Eye Definer

I found this accidentally while trying to avoid another expensive-eyeliner disaster. I have tried Black Opal's concealer before and used it religiously for a few years, so I was open to trying other products. I was on the lookout for metallic eyeliners and decided it would be worth checkout the usual cheapy drugstore brands that have been reliable (if not perfect) in the past - Jordana, Wet 'n' Wild, Black Opal, NYC, etc. I picked up the Black Jade Metallic Precision eyeliner because I loved the deep, intense color that was not too green. I love dark green liners for my brown eyes and olive skin, but sometimes they are a bit too green and can fade to a not-so-flattering mossy color. This one retained its black quality with the right tint of jade green. I agree that the color could be a little bit more metallic but for the price ($3.15), it was still worth it. It does require some powder/concealer/primer/whatever around the eyes to avoid smudging but stayed put for the most part. It did not immediately run like some of my prior MAC eyeliners, and was easy to remove. I would repurchase, and I'm going to try the other colors as well.


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