Masc(ara) of Tears

Suman and I must be on the same wavelength this morning, because I was going to write about my own personal makeup crisis as well.

My latest mascara mistress is Covergirl Lash Blast. I love this mascara so much I want to make out with it every morning. It's perfect - not too wet, not too dry, and has a great wand. (That sounds a little dirty, doesn't it..?). It applies beautifully, rarely making a mess, and separating my lashes quickly and easily. If civil unions between woman and mascara were legal, I'd be heading up to the courthouse.

Of course, when you love something that much, the honeymoon has to end sometime. This morning...it clumped on me. Like, I had a blob of mascara hanging from the lashes of my left eye. It was tragic. I really thought I had found 'the one'.

How sad is it when you put all your faith in a product and it lets you down? What does it say about us that we're dependent on life's 'old faithfuls' to always be there and get us through the day? What am I supposed to move on to now?!


Truckspotter said...

Talk about unhealthy relationships - and dirty product reviews ;) If it makes you feel any better, you saved me $8. I've been contemplating getting the Last Blast (especially after the final 3 on ANTM shot commercials for it) for a couple of weeks now. At least now we know. I think you should make out with Dior Show instead. My cousins swear by it, and I have considered entering into a civil union with it at times as well. I've instead decided to waste my money trying other mascaras I don't like first. Maybe we should make a trip to Sephora's "Lash Bar" and get drunk on fiberwigs and black gunk.

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