Blushing Beauty

It's only appropriate that my first post be about blush. It is my latest obsession, after all. In the last six months, I've gone from one to too many. Over a dozen, as a matter of fact. Before that, I'd considered blush to be a 'special occasion' item, not for everyday use.

What spurred this sudden change of heart, you may wonder. Well, I started going to the gym. (Yes, me. I know, I don't believe it either. But it's true.)  I realized that I would turn a rather lovely shade of tomato once I started huffing and puffing - basically after my first few steps on the treadmill. Not attractive. But that redness would slowly fade away into an amazing rosy glow, which isn't something you see often on this brown girl.  It was a good look on my olive-toned complexion. So I set out to replicate it.  

I've always heard good things about Tarte cheekstains.  They were one of those things that I always stopped and looked at when I was in Sephora, but never picked up.  So I bought one in Blushing Bride, a deep plummy wine color.  

Tarte cheekstains are different than most blushes.  They're in a stick format, a solid gel encapsulated in a tube.  To use, just dab the stick on your cheeks and blend in with your fingers.   Blushing Bride is an intimidating red-black in the tube, but goes on a perfectly flushed color - perfect for the post-gym look.  

The Tarte cheekstains give you a different effect than a typical powder blush.  They allow you to achieve a glowy complexion that looks like it's coming from within.  They're a bit pricy, but come with more product than you could ever use up in a lifetime. 

  $28 @ Sephora


Truckspotter said...

I tried this other night when I had to use my cousin's makeup since nearly all of mine has abandoned me for a home on the train tracks or hallway or god knows where else. I liked :) Except I don't think it was great for going out - I mean, obviously, that healthy glow can only be seen during the light of day.

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