Bingo Liner

I know we are all sick of my liner woes (although Trish will attest to the fact that I have difficult eyes to work with - right?) but I think they are about to end. I've finally accepted that finding the right black/brown is very difficult, and my Almay one is the best its going to get. However, I still wanted to find something in either black or black/brown that was more long-lasting that other liners I've used.

I've finally settled on Make Up Forever's Aqua Eyes liner in Matte Black #0L (black). This liner has received rave reviews and all kinds of beauty awards, so it was inevitable that I try it. I put it on this morning and it went on extremely smooth even over my eyeshadow - no tugging, no smearing, nada. I know it's only been about 3 hours since I put it on but I'm very impressed so far. I usually have some smudging under my eye from the top rim and there is none of that. I also applied some to the outer lower rim and that has also not smudged. It also gave a very precise line, which is hard to get with softer, cream-based liners.

I think I will just go back to my roots and stick to this because it really doesn't look too dramatic for day at all. It also comes in a color called Star Black (#1L - a black sheen), which is another type I had been looking for. Unfortunately, I think it may go on too gray judging from my experience from other similar liners but perhaps I will give it a try. Overall, the metallics that I was initially interested in haven't been working for me - they reflect too much light and don't give enough definition. I wish this pencil came in a deep black/brown or other more "blackened" colors, but everything is rather bright (and mostly metallic). I'll have to see how it sharpens in the future....It's great overall though, and I think actually worth the price. $16.00 @ Sephora


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