My, oh my. You know its a sad day when you actually have to ask a cashier to repeat how much you owe. Either because you're getting old or because the cost of whatever frivolousness you indulged in is truly insane. In preparation for what will probably be a hopeless first-date-business-meeting-last-date orchestrated on Unnamed online dating website, I decided to check out a salon near where I work (on Madison Ave.) to get some good ol' threading done. Bad idea. Bad, bad, bad idea.

Upper lip - $6.00. Eyebrows - $8.00. Grand total, with tip, - $17.85. Possible, you ask? Apparently, on Madison Avenue at least. Atrocious? Absolutely. I nearly fainted. Perhaps I'm overreacting, but I've had it done often enough for it to never have cost me more than $11.00. I wish I worked in Jackson Heights, Jamaica, Astoria, or Hicksville!

To make matters worse, when I checked myself back in the office bathroom mirror, bumps galore. Big, red, itchy ones. This has almost never happened to me before. Luckily they have already gotten better but I'm sorely disappointed. But my Make Up Forever Aqua eyeliner did not budge!!!! And good thing I now keep Vaseline Aloe Vera lotion in my grown-up makeup bag - hurrah for being a lady and always prepared.

Then I got a scrumptious Caesar salad which I swear, was big enough to feed 10 people - for $5.95. Hrmph. Go figure.


Kanan said...

Yup, same story in the SF bay area. I used to get disappointed before but now I just pay it for what they do. I think they do a good job but still it’s very pricey. I’ve decided to do the upper-lips myself since it’s the easiest and doesn’t require for me to keep certain shape. The eye brows’ work is complicated. I remember when I used to do it at home years ago, it turned out weird almost every single time. It was ruined! Now I’m just stuck to the salon and am happy with their work. Wish I could go to India for each of my salon trips. They do things for like 1/20th of the price here. Bless them!

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