Makeup Blues

So I've decided that in addition to having been busy apartment hunting, I've also been experiencing some makeup blues. I haven't fallen in love with anything. Yes, I was happy to discover Milani Flare eye shadow as well as the Rimmel blush in Berry, but those weren't exactly heart-stopping purchases. Anymore, that is.

If possible, I may be a bit makeup'ed out.

Gasp. Is such a thing possible?

I decided it is. Perhaps if I were more creative and adventurous, things would be easier. But I'm still rather clueless about many a makeup issue, and this has been hindering my exploration - and yes, evolution.

The one interesting discovery I had yesterday (I swear, while waiting for a broker in Sephora - it was hot out!) was an eye shadow from Urban Decay called Roach. I loved the name. So fun to say - rrroach! Pure awesomeness to apply something with such a gross name. Anyway, this was the closest I've come to finding that perfect, neutral, yet dark shade I've been looking for. It is a deep brown/coppery plum that can be layered for a more dramatic effect.

The problem I've found with even some of the darkest shadows is that they still seem to disappear into my skin somehow - even though I don't have very dark skin! Perhaps this is where a primer/base like UDPP should come in. I think I need a Makeup Holiday to purchase/experiment/return/fall in love.

In other news, 2 weeks ago I walked around Sephora finding the perfect match for my Jane Eye Zing in Hazelnut, which was turning out to be a pretty nice blush. When I asked the SA for help, she was intrigued, and said "Honey, whatever works for you..."

Surprisingly, the closest matches were NARS' Lovejoy and Laura Gellar's Blush-n-Brighten in Golden Apricot (a bronze/gold/rose). Lovejoy, of course, had more shimmer than I would have liked, but Golden Apricot was pretty dead-on. I won't be purchasing because I really don't need it. Now I wish I could attack the drugstore and see what cheaper blush/bronzer will match Hazel.

One thing I did learn - Lorac eye shadows are Amazing. I'm tempted to return my MAC Evening Aura and Bronze so I can spend the money on these instead. Soft and almost creamy to blend, with really wonderful, versatile colors - I was tempted by Garnet, Bronze, Inspiration, Gold, and Serenity.

Want to try the new MAC Starflash shadows - have read wonderful things about them, particularly Smoke & Diamonds. Sadly, I think that shade will make me look like an Indian movie star from the 1980s. Not a risk I'm willing to take, but perhaps the other shades are worth exploring - the finish sounds like exactly what I'm looking for. Aside from the Starflash shades, I'd love to try the Gold Stroke shadow - someone had a picture of it up on MUA and it looked gorgeous - a nice combination of Roach, Expensive Pink, and Flare - sounds like a winner, but we will wait and see.

My Clinique Chocolate Ice is nearing its end and I'm wondering what to replace it with - eventually. Sadly, there aren't any other colors in this formula that I liked. I'm looking for the perfect pink/bronze - anyone have ideas? I love NARS' lipstick in Kiss, but that is a tad bit too frosty and deep for me, and MAC's "O" - meh. Although comparable, it just didn't do anything special for me.

No longer impressed with the Maybelline Mineral Lipcolors - the shades I chose are definitely too bland. I may consider trying a more vibrant one since these formulas are so light.

Excuse the long post about everything. Hope to have a more specific, interesting one coming up.


Sania said...

You realize that I own every LORAC palette known to man, right? I'm obsessed with those eye shadows.

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