Concealer Revealed

I'm going to sound like I was born yesterday. Or even earlier this morning. I just discovered a beauty basic that most woman have experienced except for yours truly - concealer.

I only ocasionally use my Black Opal concealer to cover scars. Recently at the Clinique counter, I had a beauty epiphany, a revelation - good concealer makes a gargantuan difference, one that I most certainly need.

I have few Wow moments with makeup - some Whoa's, but not Wow. After the sales assistant blended Clinique Line-Smoothing in Deep Honey under my eyes and on my lids, I could not believe the drastic results - Wow. I looked younger! Awake! Refreshed! Even complexion all the way up to my beady little eyes! I recalled my face 60 seconds before and was truly ashamed. I haven't been doing myself justice.

Don't ask how I went 25 3/4 years without understanding the importance of concealer or getting matched for a good one. I don't have huge undereye circles but they are definitely noticeable - if I were to tell someone I was sick or had pulled an all-nighter, they would certain agree that I look it. Also, since my eyes are on the smaller side, those circles have always prevented liner and shadows from looking their very best.

According to my mom, my eyes looked smaller. I told her that they must have appeared larger before because they were being dragged outward by the abyss of undereye circles. A more even complexion made them pop out for what they are!

If there is one thing I apply everyday, it should be this. I've always been weary of face makeup, but I'm almost 110% sure I should be more consistent with concealer - maybe not every single day, but frequently, and definitely for special occasions.

Application was a cinch (just dot beneath eyes and on lids, and tap to blend in - no rubbing!). Checkout An Indian's Makeup Musings concealer tutorial for additional tips.

This Clinique concealer was a great match, doubles as a good base for other eye makeup, and the consistency is just creamy but thin enough for me. So happy to find something that I don't just like on the back of my hand, but that actually contributes to some real evolution. $14.00 @ Macy's


An Indian's Makeup Blog said...

Clinique....here I come !

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