Color On - Shadow Solution?

Many of you might have heard about this new, slightly odd beauty product now available at Sephora. I was particularly interested since I have many eye makeup issues, particularly with shadow. It's a bit of an art - no, it's majorly art, and one I'm afraid I will never master.

Color On Instant Eye Shadow Applicators look to be the solution for the shadow-challenged, as well as quicken the overall application process for even those more experienced users. These eye-shaped appliques are coated with mineral eye shadow in various natural and dramatic looks. They are supposed to be one-size-fits-all, hypoallergenic, long-wearing, waterproof, cease-proof, and of course, hygienic since they are single-use - whew!

I love this idea, although it's doubtful that these applicators are truly universal enough to flatter everyone in terms of eye shape, shading, etc. Eye shadow is one of those products that is unique to the individual, and the pure fun of it is being able to create new and interesting looks. There is something almost static about Color On - like pictures from a coloring book! Almost too precise and too perfect to look natural.

I do like some of the shades and shadow blends, especially in the Smokey set. A few of the designs are too out there in my opinion (zebra stripes & leopard prints from the Exotic set? No, thank you...), but they're probably a great find for the more adventurous. Other sets include Tropics, Rhapsody in Grey, and Flaunt.

Each EyeEnvy set at Sephora includes 5 pairs of applicators, setting powder, and a brush. Not a bad value if you're a beginner like me, but I'm not willing to take the risk in case it doesn't work out. $25.00 @ Sephora


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