Jordana Eyeliner - Eggplant

I'm writing about this in hopes of clarifying exactly how I feel about Jordana Easy Liner in Eggplant. While I definitely know that I don't hate this product, right now I feel a bit meh about it when I otherwise do think it's more wow-worthy.

Let's get one thing straight. Jordana has some of the most reliable eye liners at some of the best prices around - about $0.99 to a little more than a dollar depending on what type you buy. They have a cult following, and for good reason. I even managed to find them at a very small beauty store in India a few years ago and was thrilled. The kohl version is probably the best value you will find anywhere for black and well as brown shades.

I recently decided to pick up Eggplant because a) it's been a while since I kept a Jordana eye liner b) I've been looking for a plummy brown shade and wasn't happy with L'Oreal Le Plum and am bored with greens c) this is a truly unique shade that I have not seen anywhere else.

Wine wood comes to mind when I look at Eggplant - don't ask. It's definitely less blue/black/purple than the name would have you believe. It's actually a very deep brown with warm maroon/burgundy/wine tones. Most liners in this color family are too blue and cool-toned. This is very warm, and so I prefer it for my skin. The Easy Liner is a retractable pencil so is not as smooth as the kohl pencils, but still pretty soft to apply.

However, when applied, it basically looks brown - not entirely, but basically. That's why I'm undecided on this one. I know there is something different about it, and that might just be enough for me. At the same time, that difference could just be in my head. In any case, this is a unique color and a great alternative to blacks/browns. ~$0.99 @ Drugstores


Unknown said...

I have this liner, & I just love it. The color looks innocently brown, but the hidden purple undertones make my green eyes sparkle. :)

Truckspotter said...

Believe it or not, I recently bought ANOTHER "Eggplant" pencil from Palladio and had exactly the same thoughts as I did with the Jordana. I remembered getting the Jordana one, but forgot that I had written about it! I have yet to find a purple that works for me.

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