Things I've Been Reaching For Lately

This is a quasi follow-up to my previous list of products I've been consistently using (check it out here).

Since then, I've become mentally exhausted by many a thing for no good reason, and so I've been reaching for the bare basics in the mornings, if anything at all (those marked by an asterisk are products I don't necessary use - only if I'm in the mood). These include, in some combination or another:

*1) NYX Blush in Pecan or Rimmel Blush in Berry
2) L'Oreal FeatherLash Mascara in Black
*3) MAC Bronze eye shadow or NYX trio palette in Guru
4) The Body Shop Cranberry Shimmer Lip Balm
*5) Jordana Easy Liner in Eggplant

And that's about all - for no more than $15 might I add. I've nixed the face powder since my skin has cleared up a bit.

For some reason, I feel more comfortable with this list than my last one. My makeup bag is definitely lighter, and I never feel the least bit done or not like myself. Although the other day, after touching up with some Pecan, my friend noticed and said "nice makeup!"

I'm not sure how I feel about this - the point is sort of not to look done, and yet, of course it will be noticeable when I'm wearing something since I normally don't. At the same time, there's no point in wearing so little that is completely indiscernible and you don't look any better!

I'm toying with the idea of adding an additional product - or replacing about 4 of the above with it. You will hear about it very soon...


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