Missing Fellow Blogger

No, she's not actually missing, but I just miss her! San has officially moved - physically, geographically, away from me into a galaxy far, far away, i.e., The Black Hole that is not-New York (give us a break, we haven't lived anywhere else). The time has come to send her all the online coupon codes available, because the poor thing is nowhere near Sephora and I have to make sure she gets her makeup fill.

I've been away from friends/family before, and it always sucks not to just be able to pick up the phone and chat/vent/spew/giggle. Not being able to grab coffee well into dinner-time is also wretched.

But not having your friend around to whip out her retractable blush brush and introduce you to the wonders of NARS blushes? Or explain what BOGOF means on MUA? Heck, tell you what MUA is? It is almost too much to bear.

But San & I are committed to sharing our stories with each other and this funny little cyber world, so of course we will both keep it coming - she from The Black Hole (I promise I'll stop calling it that in a few week's time) and I from The Apartment I Hope My Application Got Approved For. Look forward to even more interesting stories as we continue to evolve for sport.


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