More NYX Love - Golden & Walnut Eyeshadows

Watch out - I'm sure there are going to be several more posts like this about how much I like a new NYX product I've tried. I've been so extremely satisfied with my Trio eye shadow palette in Guru that I couldn't help but experiment with 2 new eye shadows - Golden and Walnut.

I bought these shadows seperately, but they also come in a Trio with Rust, a bright pink shade comparable to Milani Flare and MAC's Cranberry. I really wanted another trio, and this had the 2 shades I liked best, but the Rust was really killing it, so I settled on the singles. Rust is definitely a beautiful color, but I know it's not one I would have really used. If I ever get to that level, I will surely try Rust as well.

I was most interested in these warm, golden/bronze shades because my love for MAC's Bronze is quickly waning. I wear it on my lid, but when too much hits my crease, it just starts to look dirty. I already have tan skin, so a dirty bronze does nothing for it. If just applied in the crease, it is barely visible - the slightest shimmer that is not worth the price.

Walnut (#Es72) is a deep, mauve bronze in the pan, but goes on a more rose copper/bronze in a slightly pearl/metallic finish (by the way, the NYX color swatches are actually pretty accurate). Gorgeous over the lid for day, and with extra layering on the lid/crease for night. This shade would go with so many pink and brown shadows. Due to my skin tone and tinted lids, I need to use a heavier hand with this, but it is still far more pigmented and buildable than its Milani counterpart, Spice, which is currently collecting dust.

Walnut also reminds me of MAC's Glamour Check from the Starflash collection (which I didn't keep). Starflash is seriously overrated - the finish of these NYX shadows is actually better in my opinion (almost creamy and less dusty), as are those of several other shadows (Smashbox included).

Golden(#ES12) is an almost mustard gold with similar pearl/metallic finish and minimal shimmer. I like this on my lids for a little oomph that is warmer than some of the Guru shades I love. This is also great for daily wear depending on how it's applied, and of course, any gold would work for night. This is the effect I was going for with MAC's Woodwinked, but that also had the tendency to look a bit dirty.

I highly recommend these NYX shadows in particular - all of them are great quality, but next to the Trio in Guru, these are particularly versatile. I hope to try Champagne and Platinum Pink at some point, too! $3.99 @ Select drugstores or NYX Cosmetics


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