Jane Shimmer Bronzer

This is one of the random products that has been sitting in my drawer since the pre-blog era. I can't remember what appealed to me about it and why I made the purchase. Thoughts were swimming around in my head way before I decided to express them here, and this was my original attempt at finding a good blush/bronzer.

I'm overall impressed with Jane Cosmetics, but this one - not so much. I have the Shimmer Bronzer in Tahiti which has a checkered mix of deep, warm brown/berry shades and some lighter, silvery peachy-pinks and lilacs. It was the only color combination that didn't have cool, neutral, brown shades and I thought some of the warmer berry tones would work on my skin.

I'm not too find of these "mosaic" products. The colors never seem to work well together to give a defining shade/finish. Tahiti leaves a slightly berry-toned, silvery, shimmery wash over my cheeks. There isn't much color payoff at all and there is 0 bronzing effect due to the coolness of the lighter shades. Instead of a "luminous glow," I achieved a sort of Stardusty, Caspar/fairy-like, just-fell-off the moon shimmer that doesn't suit my skin tone. Sorry, I know that's a weird description but my imagination is a little wild this morning.

But this is not to say that I won't use Tahiti occasionally, mostly for evening (who knows what I mean by evening - of late, my "evenings" consist of apartment hunting, tea, some dinner, and perhaps TV). The silver shimmer could work with other understated makeup and perhaps a more monochromatic look with similar tones/shades.

For the price, this is also a great value, as with all Jane Cosmetics. The compact is large and sturdy, with a hidden compartment underneath that contains a small brush (useless of course), but no mirror. It's similar to the regular shimmer blushes, but this one is bronze colored whereas the others are black.

While I wasn't completely thrilled with this, I will definitely give the regular blushes a try, even though those also have those annoying strips of color. I have yet to detect a shade from the regular blush line that might work - Sania's review of the Blushing Cheeks in Plum, however, is encouraging. If the shimmer blushes also don't impress, I might have to give in and give Cargo's Beach Blushes a try. $5.99 @ Drugstore.com (on sale right now for $4.19!)


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