Wow, I cannot believe I haven't expressed my odd views and makeup love in almost 15 days. Unheard of. I wasn't even able to christen the new month with a post on Sept. 1st. This is due in part to the fact that I was out of town for about a week and a bit busy before and after.

Some news: have an apartment, and so now must become obsessed with a different, more necessary kind of shopping. Shower curtains, utensils, lamps, anyone? Believe it or not, this is more my world :) If I had a fatter wallet, however, I'd go the high-end way to decorate or at least, Urban Outfitters (although I can't say I love their stuff). Not necessary though. I love my pad, but will decorate and furnish as simply, cheaply, but somewhat elegantly as possible.

I have very little to report makeup wise except that I discovered some Artiba products in San Francisco and found them interesting, but didn't buy anything. Will have to look it up. Exchanged some old, unused products for LORAC eyeshadows and so happy with them - read here for more.

Buying into all this MAC Cult of Cherry Spiced Chocolate Quad and wondering how to get my hands on one!

Overall, been wearing very little makeup lately, but skin is better and weather is cooling down, so now I'm psyched about having fun with fall makeup - so much easier, so much more fun and interesting, right?

More to come!


Kanan said...

Welcome back. :)

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