Golden Brown Rockstar - Korres Eye Shadow & Urban Decay 24/7

So what I have discovered now? Korres! Urban Decay! Hooray!

Not. Ugh. This is becoming tiring. As soon as I really sit down and assess my latest find, I compare to everything I have and realize, by golly, that it's no different from other products I have. Bummer. I think I'm starting to resist a few things - gasp! Could it be true? It is, indeed.

The latest is Korres' eyeshadow 34S - Golden Brown, and Urban Decay's 24/7 Eye Liner in Rockstar.

First, the Korres shadow in 2 words - refreshingly amazing. A soft, blendable texture, a formula that gives a soft shimmer/sheen, and the perfect bronze shade for darker skin tones. It's even better than the Cargo Bronze - really. Over time, the coppery-pink tinge of Cargo Bronze has become more apparent to me. Golden Brown is a cross between Cargo Bronze and MAC Bronze. Something must be wrong with me for finding all minute differences between what is essentially one, basic color.

Even worse, you can achieve the effect of all three from the NYX Trio in Guru (which I own and love and makes me want to throw out all my other shadows). True, there are differences in formula and texture but honestly, once you put a neutral metallic on your eye in this range of products, it all looks the same.

I'm normally not very critical of packaging, but I find the Korres one to be sub-par for $16.00. It's a plain, white, plastic square with some techy looking black print on the top. I think it's supposed to look sleek, natural, and almost medicinal a la Clinique (sort of), but somehow, it just looks - weird and unimpressive. It looks like you stole your sister's European eye shadow from 1985 and never threw it out.

Rockstar may be the answer to Perfect BIV Eyeliner that I have been on the search for. On the first few tries, I was impressed by this ultra-creamy pencil, but I'm afraid that this lasts almost TOO long on me. It was between this and the Clinique Cream pencil in Starry Plum. I went with Rockstar because it had less shimmer and was a long-lasting formula. If I'm going to go cream, it has to last (just not forever...).

Korres Eye Shadow, $16.00, $ Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Liner, $16.00, both @ Sephora


An Indian's Makeup Blog said...

LOL !! Nothings wrong with you...its great that you can spot out small differences !! A cream shadow that lasts and lasts - thats unusual ! Must chk that one out. Thanks for the reviews !

Anonymous said...

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