NYX - Diamond Sparkle Lipstick - Sparkling Chestnut

Ah, NYX. How grateful am I that I discovered you. Especially since I've been good and haven't bought any new products from either Sephora or Macy's (any new products were bought on credit I had - really!).

The NYX line has allowed me to fall in love with some products very, very cheaply. My latest find is the Diamond Sparkle Lipstick. Normally, I would've been cautious of the "sparkle" in the title but this lipstick was a surprise. I've also been looking for a great, neutral bronze and this quickly ended that quest - for once!

The Diamond Sparkle formula applies like butter, and has the perfect balance between shimmer, gloss, and pearl finishes. Sparkling Chestnut (DS18) is a difficult color to describe. It's a soft, fleshy pink-brown bronze/copper shade. I've been looking for a shade like this that wasn't too dark or frosty. I'm tempted to call it the perfect, slightly glam nude because it manages to be great for that dark eye/pale lip combo without making you look dead or like a porn star. At the same time, it has just enough pigment to be worn alone.

On my lips, the effect was slightly glossy and wet, but not in that awful plastic or glassy finish - just dewy and elegant. I should add that in the tube, it looks there is some MAJOR silver glitter/sparkle action going on, but the particles don't show up on your lips at all.

I'm not sure about the lasting power, but for the results and price, it's worth taking a few extra steps to make sure it stays put. I have issues finding the right color for my skintone, and this is, in one word, Perfect. $3.99 @ Select retail stores or NYX Cosmetics


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