Daily Beauty Gripe - Brow Behavior

Some people have facial ticks, some, beauty ticks. You know, that weird little mishap that seems to occur repeatedly, daily, that you can never really fix? Some have complicated solutions, others, none. My personal daily beauty gripe is The Brow Droop - my sister and T will know exactly what I'm talking about.

I have pretty thin but just full and shapely enough brows. They are easy to maintain except for The Droop. See, my eye brow hairs are on the longish-side, especially in the middle (like most probably). At some unpredictable points throughout the day, some will fall out of place and tip unattractively into the middle of my arch.

I never really noticed this until the sis and T, being the older sisters that they are, would delicately smooth it back into place. Frankly, it doesn't bother me all that much - I have worse problems during the day and cannot check my face all day long. But it occurred to me that I could use a swipe of clear mascara/brow gel or something along the lines of Vaseline to fix things.

Almay used to make a great clear mascara but I think it's been discontinued, so I tried one from Maybelline that essentially did nada. I'm going to have to succumb and use The Body Shop's brow gel which is what the sis uses. I also came across this one from Anastasia and was surprised at the rave review. Too pricey for my purposes, but good to know nonetheless.

A weekly trim might be in order here. Perhaps this is why I crave being at home most of the time instead of going out. When else would I have the time to think so hard about brows and such?


Kanan said...

hahaha tell me about it. Mine's the same but I don't really do anything special about it except for in the morning I put a bit of water on finger tips and straighten them/set them in right place, most of the times it works fine except for once in a while a real nice photo has been taken and I realize some of the hairs drooped over. ugh! hate that.

Truckspotter said...

Alas, if only water worked :) Seriously a weird problem that I never see anyone else have, so glad to have you share! I'm going to remember to maybe just smooth some balm over them from now on...hopefully that will help :)

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