NARS Super Orgasmic Blush

For those of you who have mastered the Orgasm, rejoice. Now we have Super Orgasm.

I'm speaking of NARS blushes, of course. As much as I love NARS, I'm quite skeptical of what will surely be it's latest over-hyped blush. Maybe I’m bitter because Orgasm has never suited me. But then, I have a pretty universal skin tone so I can imagine that there are many people that it doesn’t work for.

Super Orgasm is also been described by NARS as a universally-flattering peachy pink with golden glitter. Shudder. I know glittery makeup doesn’t necessarily mean you will look like a Vegas show girl, but if this is supposed to be The Blush for darker skin tones, then adding golden glitter doesn’t make it so. I have a feeling this may be a less golden pink but more sparkly version of my beloved CG Cheekers Blush in Golden Pink.

Super Orgasm may be worth a try. My never-ending Sephora credit practically demands it. $25.00 only @ Sephora


An Indian's makeup musings said...

OOh new layout ! Me Likey !

Suman said...

Thanks :) Still working on it though...any input is welcome.

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