Skin Breakthrough - Burt's Bees Soap Bark and Chamomile Deep Cleansing Cream

My cleanser dance continues...

Pears' was a good cleanser, but my skin was dry for days even after 1 use. I don't attribute this to Pears', however - my skin has just become increasingly sensitive over the years. Even the simplest products just won't do.

I reconsidered my options and thought back to what I did in high school/college. Back then, my staples were either Oil of Olay foaming cleanser, Clean & Clear foaming cleanser, or Clean & Clear cream cleanser.

I used the C&C cream cleanser the longest, stopping only after reading too many beauty magazines and convincing myself that it was too greasy for my combination/oily skin. But in retrospect, chances are that my skin issues then had more to do with lifestyle and stress than what cleanser I was using. My skin was never irritated or dry as a result of my cleanser then. Now in my 20s, I thought it would be worth a shot trying something similar.

I almost went for the C&C again, but thought that something "natural" might be a small step up. Since my Burt's Bees Peach & Willowbark Scrub has actually worked for me over the last few months, I decided to try the company's Soap Bark & Chamomile Deep Cleansing Cream.

After 3 uses, I think it's safe to say that this is The balancing, non-drying, non-irritating cream cleanser for me. I also feel that it's better to have a slightly moisturizing cleanser (or one that leaves your skin's natural oil balance as is) instead of a drying/stripping cleanser after which you have to slather on some moisturizer anyway.

The Deep Cleansing Cream isn't thick or waxy in the least, but is still rich and soothing. It also washes off easily without leaving any residue. It definitely creates a slight "tingle" on application, which I would normally take to be a sign of irritating chemicals. But this hasn't led to any irritation, and the benefits far outweigh it.

I would recommend this as a safe, reliable cleanser if you're skin is somewhat combination/oily, or if you'd like something richer for the winter months. It might not be the best bet for very oily skin, but could be worth a try - the prevailing wisdom on these things isn't necessarily always correct.

Most of Burt's Bees products list how "natural" it is (this one is 97%), and contain no parabens, phthalates, or sulfates. If you're interested, take a look at this helpful page on their website which advises you on How To Read Your Personal Care Ingredient Labels. And yes, it is also a bargain. $7.99 @ Drugstores


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