NYX - Jumbo Eye Shadow Pencil - Slate

Couldn't help it. Tried to stick to trustworthy lipsticks for experimenting. But you know me. The eye makeup battle is one I keep fighting. Plus, since I have this in French Fries, I really wanted to give another shade a try, and since the cold weather is approaching, it was time to try something deeper and more interesting for fall/winter.

As an eye shadow pencil generally, this one is excellent - silky, smooth, and non-greasy. There was absolutely no tugging involved, and the color is easy to blend. Excellent for the lower rim, although the thickness of the pencil doesn't allow for thin, precise lines. I'm not sure how this will fare during sharpening though - it will need a good one.

Now, the color - a beautiful, deep, steel/gunmetal, blue-toned jade with a subtle metallic finish. Less "slate" than I would have liked. On my hand it was perfect (yeah, yeah, I know...) but on the eye, it was definitely more blue-green. I drew a thick line over my top lashes, blended out over the lid, and finished with liquid black eyeliner. Very pretty and different, especially for me. Yet I know I won't use it much, as lovely as it is. I would have preferred a true, blue-based slate.

I mayreturn this but will sleep on it since it's a unique, high-end color with great performance and price. $1.99 @ Select retail stores or NYX Cosmetics


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