Much Ado About Metals

Convinced that few deep colors look good on me and that neturals are dulling, I've been on a gold/bronze eyeshadow trip for the last few months. Yes, trying to find the perfect ones that could work both in a number of different ways.

It was LORAC to the rescue. Bronze and Gold are exactly that - a basic bronze with a hint of coppery pink, and a slightly mustard gold. These shadows are great alternatives (and improvements upon) my previous MAC Bronze and Woodwinked shadows. In truth, the MAC versions are slightly truer to the respetive metals they are named after but I wasn't too happy with their results. This is still something I'm mulling over, but for now, I feel safer with LORAC.

However, if you're really on a budget or are obsessed wtih drugstores like me, try Jordana's Sunset and Marigold shadows. The quality is wonderful, especially for the price ($1.99) and the shades are nearly exact matches for both Bronzes, Gold, and Woodwinked. Sunset has more orange/peach than either Bronze, but still gives a pretty, sunkissed look. Hard to find, but worth it. Again, that Duane Reade near the NJ Transit at Penn Station is a gold mine...

I also recently (as in...this morning) experimented with Revlon's Illuminence Creme Eye Shadow palette in Precious Metals because it was on sale with a mascara and I've always wanted to try it. I happen to really like creme eye shadows - they are so easy to apply and blend, and I prefer the finish over most powder shadows (I think they look a bit "dusty").

However, this one is going back to the store. These are very, very sheer shadows that take more than a few dabs of the finger to show up, crease easily, and leave behind more shimmer particles than anything else. I'd rather spend a few extra bucks (or use my never-ending Sephora credit) to try Clinique's Quick Eyes Cream Shadow.

Whew, that's a lot of metal for now. Time to explore some deep browns and plums for fall!


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