Fresh Tobacco Caramel Eau de Parfum

I recently received an email from Fresh Cosmetics that said that following:

"You asked and we listened! Back by popular demand, we are pleased to re-introduce two of our cult-favorite eau de parfums: Patchouli Pure Eau de Parfum, Tobacco Caramel Eau de Parfum.

Tobacco Caramel Eau de Parfum: Infused with voluptuous notes such as tobacco flowers, tarragon, and rich amber, this musky blend captures the mood of glamorous New York City jazz clubs and a bygone era.

These completely unique and utterly addictive fragrances, developed by co-founder Lev Glazeman, are available now exclusively at Fresh retail stores and Fresh.com."

Hm, ok. Let's see here. "Tobacco," "glamorous," "bygone era," "ADDICTIVE!"

After all the known ill-effects of tobacco use and the public health action against big tobacco, I'm truly appalled that Fresh would contribute to positive tobacco associations like this.

I won't lie. I know what they're talking about. I have an uncle who smoked a pipe when I was younger, and reading this email reminded me of that distinct smell I associate so many memories with. But it ends there. No one needs a perfume CALLED "tobacco" and Fresh certainly does not need to use words like "glamorous" and "addictive" to sell it. Really - addictive? What were they THINKING?

Let's not forget the bygone era they are recalling. Which era would that be? Oh right. The one in which everyone set the stage for developing lung cancer and worsening air quality. What an era to long for...

I haven't bought any Fresh products and don't plan on it anytime soon.


Anonymous said...

Hey Suman-I am guessing from the Duane Reade refs that you live in NYC. You should definitely hit up CB I Hate Perfume in Williamsburg, if you like scents like tobacco and other atypical fragrances--its chock full of scentsual goodness.

:) Browngirl

marcia c said...

I had a sample of this for a long time. I love it.. I am so glad it is back!! I will be buying. My husband loves it...

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