Star Crazy - MAC Starflash Collection

I hope those closest to me don't read this because they will surely think I've developed a problem. Over the last few days, I've experimented with various MAC Starflash products and been in Macy's several times conducting exchanges/returns.

This is all partly because I have credit at Macy's right now and am happy not to be actually spending extra money on this habit. Still, it is a tad neurotic and I will probably stop very soon since I've had so-so experiences so far. If only Macy's weren't so close to Penn Station...

So, onto these majorly-hyped MAC Starflash shadows. I was glad to hear about this new, and of course, limited edition formula. It was supposed to be a softer mix of pearl/metallic/matte shadows - exactly the kind I had been looking for.

Smoke & Diamonds, already sold-out online and in some stores, seems to be the new favorite, but I went with Glamour Check (dark pink/copper), Go (dark bronze), and Bold & Brazen (basically, Starflash's answer to Expensive Pink - a light, peachy/pink). All of these had a hints of pink, dark brown, and bronze, versus the gunmetal tones of Smoke & Diamonds. While I did like the finish of all three, I didn't think it was anything to write home about - it was very similar to my Smashbox shadows, and those aren't unique, limited editions!

I'm only considering keeping one - Bold & Brazen, because it is similar to the Expensive Pink I love, but a more workable version for daily wear. However, in this formula it also makes me look more washed out - EP has the gold tones that complement my skin.

Since I'm on this Starflash spree, I figured I'd give Mink & Sable (a dark, shimmery olive green) a try before calling it quits. Green actually suits me so maybe this will be the dark shadow I've been looking for. One can hope.

I really wanted the Starflash Kohl Power Eye Pencil in Raven (pictured above), a deep, coppery, "blackened" magenta, to work because it seemed similar to Laura Mercier's Black Violet (and other blackened shades) kohl pencil. It was beautiful on my hand (what else is new) but did nothing for my eyes, and was more metallic and glittery than expected, and definitely less kohl-like. I think Mystery, a blackened teal, might do me more justice.

Will keep you all posted as I become increasingly more disillusioned by eye shadow. $14.50 each @ MAC


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