Smashbox Wicked Lovely Fall 2008 Collection

I don't really follow limited edition collections very much, but I have to admit that recent hype about certain lines have got me hooked. However, I hadn't heard much about Smashbox's Fall 2008 collection, Wicked Lovely, until I saw it in Sephora. Because I have several Smashbox eye shadows, I had to examine further.

I don't think there is anything particularly interesting about the theme of this collection, or many of its products for that matter, although I do appreciate more darker, dramatic makeup (mostly because my own face can't really handle it). But there was one stand-out product that I have been looking at online ever since. This is the Wicked Lovely Cream Liner and Loose Shimmer, pictured above.

I was previously lusting after Pop's Liner Cake, but this has closed in on that one because it comes with loose shimmer powder - wow! How fun! So much many possibilities in one little compact - 3 creme liners and a separate shimmer; how many combinations/permutations of looks that is, I cannot tell you, but it must be many.

My only issue with this is that the shimmer powder isn't ideal for my skin color - it's not god-awful, but not the best match either. It's just taupe, and not grey, enough to work with the right amount and careful application.

Not a bad value for 3 liners and 1 shimmer product - if I wore liner more consistently or it were holiday season, or I had the kind of job where I could walk in with Wicked Lovely eye lids, perhaps I would purchase this. $32.00 @ Sephora


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