Much Ado About Clinique & Such

Being that I was born the day I wrote about my Clinique concealer, it's not surprising that I've rediscovered the entire brand. Actually, discovered is more like it. Clinique has always seemed too old-school and basic to me, and I've really bothered with it.

That's right - I've never owned a Clinique skincare or cosmetic product. Once in high school I experimented with the Facial Cleansing Bar and Dramatically Different Moisturizer and hated it. I currently have the gel version of the same moisturizer and feel the same way. I love the 2 lipsticks I have though (Chocolate Ice & Rum Raisin)!

My first real makeup purchases were either from the drugstore, MAC, BeneFit, Prescriptives, or similar, newer lines that didn't exist when my sister was in high school (yeah, that's kind of how I define such things...).

When the sweet sales assistant at the Clinique counter matched me for concealer and the Almost Powder Spf 15, I experimented with its eye shadows, and was so impressed. While I haven't yet found the right shade, there were more than enough options. The few that I did test had an excellent finish - sort of shimmery but not sparkly, pigmented, but not too much, wearable for work but not completely boring either (Gold Rush and Sienna Glaze).

I mentioned to her that I was less and less satisfied with MAC lately (returned Starflashes and contemplating getting rid of Bronze shadow) and she explained the most basic thing to me - certain lines are for certain kinds of makeup and wear, and few of the ones I've been exploring would thus have what I'm looking for. Light bulb moment. Clinique may not have the best shades for my skin tone, but it will be worth exploring brands that carry the lighter, more natural, everyday makeup I'm looking for.

So in addition to the concealer in Deep Honey, I also go the Almost Powder in Deep. It was perfect in the store and has been reasonably good the last few days - no drying, good color match, made my skin feel smooth afterwards. This morning, I had one of those Makeup Alley moments that I loathe reading about - the color seemed to magically change on my face!

Ok, ok, I'm sure it had something to do with the awful condition of my skin when I applied it...I had just walked across Central Park in oh, about 80 degree weather. My face was ruddy, sweaty, and irritated. In an attempt to correct the situation, I brushed some powder on and - ew. It went on an ashy, muddy taupe that looked nothing like my skin.

I hope this doesn't happen again, otherwise I might considering taking this back to the store. In general though, I'm pretty happy with this powder - it's one of the many staples I didn't really have (L'Oreal was temporary) but need. $22.50 @ Sephora


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