More Nail Time

It seems that the color has been migrating from my face to my finger nails. I'm officially "into" nail polish more than I ever have been. Maybe it's because I love rich colors, and the fall actually allows you to experiment more with them than any other season.

My current pick - Sephora's Pure Plum nail polish. It is a deep, wine-eggplant color. And I mean eggplant. If you layer on enough coats, it can almost look black. I do wish it had a tad bit more purple to it because it borders on burgundy.

Next purple to try - OPI's We'll Always Have Paris (coffee-purple), Louvre Me Louvre Me Not (royal purple), and Yes...I Can Can (jewel eggplant) from the amazing Fall/Winter French Collection (San like some grey polishes from it - read here).

Of course, I'm also a cheapie, and found a bunch of similar shades from Brucci for about $1 (including some cool jewel greens/blues).


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