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So...my eye shadow playdates hadn't been goin' so well, why? Because I'm hyper-impatient and was experimenting through a combination of finger/mini-sponge. That's right. I had not invested in any good eye makeup brushes and shadow upon shadow was resulting in major disappointment. I had just one which was too big to use for shading and blending of different colors.

A few weeks ago, I made myself by the Posh 4 Piece Duo Eye Brush Travel Kit. Yes, I actually had to make myself spend money on beauty tools. I kept telling myself that I'd rather save it for a bigger, better purchase, which never came, largely because I wasn't equipped to use the bigger, better purchases.

Like the other Posh brushes I've had good experiences with (the retractable kabuku and blush brush), these have also been a pleasant revelation. The brushes are soft and non-irritating, and shed little. Plus, the little zipper case is very cute and easy to integrate into my amazingly busy and exciting life.

Drugstore brand Apt. 5 has exact replicas of all the Posh brushes at half the price (or less). Mine is a Posh original from KMart. Definitely an investment for those who are working with their makeup looks but don't want to spend too much on beauty tools they won't use too often. $9.99 @ KMart or Use code UA123 or CC123 for 50% off @ Poshbrushes.com

As a fellow blogger just pointed out, yes, with 4 dual-ended brushes, it's like getting 8 brushes! Thanks :)


An Indian's Makeup Blog said...

Pretty ! Its like getting 8 brushes !

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