Liquid Liner from London

For months now, I've been meaning to tell everyone about a great liquid eyeliner that my sister-in-law in India uses.

No, it's not from Lakme. It's the Liquid Liner from another Indian company called Gala of London. Like Lakme's, this one comes in a small glass bottle that actually looks like nail polish. In my opinion, liquid eyeliner in the US is packaged horribly, and you don't get nearly as much for your money as you should.

What I like most about Gala's liner is the extremely small brush that makes it nearly impossible to make a mistake. It's perfect for painting a very thin, fine line. The only other liner brushes that have come close to are Chanel (a few years ago) and Hourglass. With other brushes, it's hard to paint with short "strokes" because they are often too long or thick - you either draw a straight line or you don't. If you don't, some fixing is usually requird. The Gala brush actually lets you use the "stroke" method to create a more natural line. It also comes in a range of colors - black, brown, blue, green, and grey, and apparently now in a waterproof formula as well. I have not used this in quite a while, but of all my liquid eyeliner experiences, this was definitely nearly the best.

Unfortunately, Gala of London products can only be found in India, although I was able to find one on Ebay (here - this seller also has hard-to-find products like Shahnaz Husain Kohl Kajal) for $3.99 - pretty good considering how much you get and that it's from India. I'll refrain from ordering because my sis-in-law will be visiting soon so I can have her pick one up for me for less than $1.00! If you wear liner daily though, this is definitely worth it.


Unknown said...

In a bottle with its own fine brush, this is liquid liner. Because it is liquid, it will give a very firm line and it should of course be applied after eye shadow. The liner should be thin and run along the line of lashes. Liquid liner is available in several colours, which are Black, Brown, Blue, Green, Grey.

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