Fall Nail Polish

So, nail polish is something I'm not very into. There are a few shades I've mentioned here before, including Essie's Alligator Purse, which is great for fall. But after some beauty magazine page-turning and Sania's review of nail shades that are tres Grey Chic, I was intrigued.

Being drugstore queen, I've find my own cheaper version that incorporates my latest current color mania - purple. Brucci Nail Hardener in Daniella's Curve, #413 (who knew Brucci was a South African company??) is a muted, deep lavender with no muddy taupe/brown undertones and a creme finish. I like to think of it as "Calvin Klein purple" - sophisticated and yet sharp.

There are definitely more colors like this out there, but usually harder to find unless you buy them at salons. I also found that this one had just a few more drops of purple in it than usual, which I prefer.

Perfect ease-into-fall shade, and totally work appropriate. It's also the cheaper alternative to Sephora by OPI's On Stage (grey plum) & Call Your Mother (lavender putty) shades.

~$2.00 @ Drugstores


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