Much Ado About MAC

Of late, I must admit that I have been contemplating returning to MAC liners for my eye-defining needs. I have found 2 drugstore liners (pencils & liquid) that have been satisfactory, but only in certain colors - black and black/brown. For more interesting colors/formulas, I've been reflecting on my past MAC experiences and think that it's time to revisit.

Which is why I'm excited about a couple of new liners from the company's limited edition (of course) collections. Pearlglide, from the Suite Array collection is described as a "creamy kohl-like eye liner with a sparkly, reflective finish...Highly pigmented: stands out for its rich, luxurious colors and pearl-metal look." This is a look/finish/formula that I've been very eager to work with, but have found that other brands (drugstore and not) didn't have the color payoff I need for my skin. Knowing MAC and from this description, these might be the more pigmented formulas that I need.

The 8 available colors are - Black Russian (black with navy blue glitter), Molasses (dirty brown with midtone brown glitter), Bankroll (rich green with bright green sparkle), Fly-by-Blu (light blue with blue glitter), Wolf (deep gray with gold glitter), Rave (deep purple with purple glitter), Miss Fortune (eggplant with light pink glitter), and Spare Change (midtone brown with copper glitter). Miss Fortune could hopefully fulfill my BIV (blue, indigo, violet - purple shades) quest.

I thought Pearglide might be similar to this summer's Starflash series in a wider (and better) range of colors, but from the descriptions, I'm not so sure. The swatches for these liners are lighter than expected, and I'm hesitant about the "glitter" and "sparkle" content.

Next, the Dual Edge Eye Pencil (limited edition), which has a regular liner on one end and a glitter-based one on the other. Again, I'm not sure how I feel about the glitter-end, but the pencil reminds me of a similar one from Vincent Longo that I've admired for months.

When it comes to shadow, also eye'ing the Eye Shadow Suite in Team Violets. The Rose duo is picture here - so pretty, and it's nice to see duos from MAC.

If all of the above fail to impress, I'm going to go stick with a Powerpoint or two for a while and see if a few months of experimentation has changed my view on them. I will test and report back soon.


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