L'Oreal Lineur Intense Liquid Eye Liner - Defined by Plum

Finally, a purple/plum liner that lives up to its name. While this limited edition liquid eye liner from L'Oreal isn't perfect, it has temporarily satisfied my purple obsession.

First, what I like - the color. This is a deep, deep eggplant shade that is almost black - almost a liquid version of Laura Mercier's Black Violet kohl pencil. On the eyes, this gives the definition of a black liner without looking too stark against the skin. At the same time, it doesn't have the muddiness of dark brown liners. Overall, a great liner shade for olive/tan complexions.

What I don't like - the ridiculously long wand. It's literally like 4-5 inches long. I don't know when cosmetics companies will understand that this does not make application easier.

What I'm neutral on - the felt tip. It's kind of funny - very easy to use and gives a surprisingly fine line. However, it's not tapered to give that pen-like form. Just kind of strange. But hey, it works, so I'm not complaining.

This is one of the few purchases in recent makeup history that I have not returned - give it a try! $7.99 @ Drugstores


Purple Is The New Black

So proclaimed an ad in Sephora, and I wholeheartedly agree. Purple makeup is everywhere and I'm loving it. From smoky eggplants to neon purples, there are simply too many variations to resist, no matter what your personal preferences. Plus, they look good on most skin tones. If you're not into purple makeup, it's showing up in everything from shoes to bags.

Purple can be a hard tricky color to work with, no matter what the shade - after all, you don't want to look like someone just punched you in the face. An Indian's Makeup Blog has some great tutorials on purple makeup. My personal recommendation is to go easy and start with what makes you most comfortable. This week, I'll be experimenting with L'Oreal Lineur Intense Liquid Eye Liner in Defined By Plum and a light dusting of deep lavender and bronze shadows.

Below is a list of some high/low end purple makeup to try. Happy purple!

  • NYC Color Wheel Mosaic Eye Powder - Purple Rain
  • Prestige Eye Shadow - Velvet, Blossom, Bisou, Bacchus, & Royale
  • Maybelline Expert Wear Eye Shadow - Amethyst
  • Milani Eye Shadow - Shock (Powder), Royalty (Runway Eyes), & Couture in Purples (Runway Eyes Fashion)
  • L'Oreal Wear Infinite Eye Shadow - Plum Royale
  • L'Oreal HiP Eye Shadow Duo - Sculpted & Charisma
  • NYX Eye Shadow Trio - TS6 (Purple, Deep Purple, Prune) & TS3 Lake Moss
  • NYX Single Eye Shadow - Violet, Eggplant, Red Bean Pie, & Burgundy Pearl
  • Jordana Eye Shadow - Sweet Plum
  • Jordana Eye Liners - Purple Fusion, Parisian Plum, & Eggplant
  • L'Oreal Limited Edition Plum Collection products: Lineur Intense Liquid Eye Liner - Defined By Plum, Wear Infinite Eye Shadow Quad - Purple Mosaic

Sephora/Department Store
  • Calvin Klein Eye Shadow Quad - Purple Variation
  • Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow - Velvet Plum
  • Laura Mercier Eye Shadow - Black Plum, Kir Royale, & Plum Smoke
  • Laura Mercier Kohl Eye Liner - Black Violet
  • Urban Decay Eye Shadow - Flash, Crash, & Purple Haze
  • Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil - 1999, Rockstar, & Lust
  • Urban Decay Lipstick - Apocalypse
  • Clinique Creme Shaper for Eyes - Starry Plum
  • Clinique Kohl Shaper for Eyes - Black Amethyst
  • Make Up For Ever Eye Shadow - Deep Plum Shimmer Iridescent 79, Matte Dark Purple 160, & Purple 92
  • The Balm Shady Lady Eye Shadow - Curvy Cami & Just This Once
  • MAC Eye Shadow - Purple Haze
  • Rock 'n' Ruin Pressed Eye Shadow - Purple
  • Stila Eye Shadow - Batura
  • Stila Eye Shadow Duo - Orchid & Vieux Carre
  • Cargo Eye Shadow - Cyprus
  • LORAC Eye Shadow -After Party & Rhapsody
  • LORAC Starry-Eyed Baked Eye Shadow Trio - Starlet
  • Sephora Brand Enchanted Eye Palette - Plum

More Nail Time

It seems that the color has been migrating from my face to my finger nails. I'm officially "into" nail polish more than I ever have been. Maybe it's because I love rich colors, and the fall actually allows you to experiment more with them than any other season.

My current pick - Sephora's Pure Plum nail polish. It is a deep, wine-eggplant color. And I mean eggplant. If you layer on enough coats, it can almost look black. I do wish it had a tad bit more purple to it because it borders on burgundy.

Next purple to try - OPI's We'll Always Have Paris (coffee-purple), Louvre Me Louvre Me Not (royal purple), and Yes...I Can Can (jewel eggplant) from the amazing Fall/Winter French Collection (San like some grey polishes from it - read here).

Of course, I'm also a cheapie, and found a bunch of similar shades from Brucci for about $1 (including some cool jewel greens/blues).


Fall Nail Polish

So, nail polish is something I'm not very into. There are a few shades I've mentioned here before, including Essie's Alligator Purse, which is great for fall. But after some beauty magazine page-turning and Sania's review of nail shades that are tres Grey Chic, I was intrigued.

Being drugstore queen, I've find my own cheaper version that incorporates my latest current color mania - purple. Brucci Nail Hardener in Daniella's Curve, #413 (who knew Brucci was a South African company??) is a muted, deep lavender with no muddy taupe/brown undertones and a creme finish. I like to think of it as "Calvin Klein purple" - sophisticated and yet sharp.

There are definitely more colors like this out there, but usually harder to find unless you buy them at salons. I also found that this one had just a few more drops of purple in it than usual, which I prefer.

Perfect ease-into-fall shade, and totally work appropriate. It's also the cheaper alternative to Sephora by OPI's On Stage (grey plum) & Call Your Mother (lavender putty) shades.

~$2.00 @ Drugstores


More Posh Brushes

So...my eye shadow playdates hadn't been goin' so well, why? Because I'm hyper-impatient and was experimenting through a combination of finger/mini-sponge. That's right. I had not invested in any good eye makeup brushes and shadow upon shadow was resulting in major disappointment. I had just one which was too big to use for shading and blending of different colors.

A few weeks ago, I made myself by the Posh 4 Piece Duo Eye Brush Travel Kit. Yes, I actually had to make myself spend money on beauty tools. I kept telling myself that I'd rather save it for a bigger, better purchase, which never came, largely because I wasn't equipped to use the bigger, better purchases.

Like the other Posh brushes I've had good experiences with (the retractable kabuku and blush brush), these have also been a pleasant revelation. The brushes are soft and non-irritating, and shed little. Plus, the little zipper case is very cute and easy to integrate into my amazingly busy and exciting life.

Drugstore brand Apt. 5 has exact replicas of all the Posh brushes at half the price (or less). Mine is a Posh original from KMart. Definitely an investment for those who are working with their makeup looks but don't want to spend too much on beauty tools they won't use too often. $9.99 @ KMart or Use code UA123 or CC123 for 50% off @ Poshbrushes.com

As a fellow blogger just pointed out, yes, with 4 dual-ended brushes, it's like getting 8 brushes! Thanks :)


Much Ado About MAC

Of late, I must admit that I have been contemplating returning to MAC liners for my eye-defining needs. I have found 2 drugstore liners (pencils & liquid) that have been satisfactory, but only in certain colors - black and black/brown. For more interesting colors/formulas, I've been reflecting on my past MAC experiences and think that it's time to revisit.

Which is why I'm excited about a couple of new liners from the company's limited edition (of course) collections. Pearlglide, from the Suite Array collection is described as a "creamy kohl-like eye liner with a sparkly, reflective finish...Highly pigmented: stands out for its rich, luxurious colors and pearl-metal look." This is a look/finish/formula that I've been very eager to work with, but have found that other brands (drugstore and not) didn't have the color payoff I need for my skin. Knowing MAC and from this description, these might be the more pigmented formulas that I need.

The 8 available colors are - Black Russian (black with navy blue glitter), Molasses (dirty brown with midtone brown glitter), Bankroll (rich green with bright green sparkle), Fly-by-Blu (light blue with blue glitter), Wolf (deep gray with gold glitter), Rave (deep purple with purple glitter), Miss Fortune (eggplant with light pink glitter), and Spare Change (midtone brown with copper glitter). Miss Fortune could hopefully fulfill my BIV (blue, indigo, violet - purple shades) quest.

I thought Pearglide might be similar to this summer's Starflash series in a wider (and better) range of colors, but from the descriptions, I'm not so sure. The swatches for these liners are lighter than expected, and I'm hesitant about the "glitter" and "sparkle" content.

Next, the Dual Edge Eye Pencil (limited edition), which has a regular liner on one end and a glitter-based one on the other. Again, I'm not sure how I feel about the glitter-end, but the pencil reminds me of a similar one from Vincent Longo that I've admired for months.

When it comes to shadow, also eye'ing the Eye Shadow Suite in Team Violets. The Rose duo is picture here - so pretty, and it's nice to see duos from MAC.

If all of the above fail to impress, I'm going to go stick with a Powerpoint or two for a while and see if a few months of experimentation has changed my view on them. I will test and report back soon.


Liquid Liner from London

For months now, I've been meaning to tell everyone about a great liquid eyeliner that my sister-in-law in India uses.

No, it's not from Lakme. It's the Liquid Liner from another Indian company called Gala of London. Like Lakme's, this one comes in a small glass bottle that actually looks like nail polish. In my opinion, liquid eyeliner in the US is packaged horribly, and you don't get nearly as much for your money as you should.

What I like most about Gala's liner is the extremely small brush that makes it nearly impossible to make a mistake. It's perfect for painting a very thin, fine line. The only other liner brushes that have come close to are Chanel (a few years ago) and Hourglass. With other brushes, it's hard to paint with short "strokes" because they are often too long or thick - you either draw a straight line or you don't. If you don't, some fixing is usually requird. The Gala brush actually lets you use the "stroke" method to create a more natural line. It also comes in a range of colors - black, brown, blue, green, and grey, and apparently now in a waterproof formula as well. I have not used this in quite a while, but of all my liquid eyeliner experiences, this was definitely nearly the best.

Unfortunately, Gala of London products can only be found in India, although I was able to find one on Ebay (here - this seller also has hard-to-find products like Shahnaz Husain Kohl Kajal) for $3.99 - pretty good considering how much you get and that it's from India. I'll refrain from ordering because my sis-in-law will be visiting soon so I can have her pick one up for me for less than $1.00! If you wear liner daily though, this is definitely worth it.

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